There's a set of well-written and interesting papers on the website of Drayman's Brewery  written by the head brewer (and distiller) Moritz Kallmeyer. Have a look at 'Dry yeast rehydration' or 'Ester production in yeast' as good examples of his treatment of simple and more complex topics respectively.

The archives of the magazine Brewing Techniques  are available on line. In their own words "For seven years (1993-1999), Brewing Techniques was dedicated to providing the best, most impressive array of brewing information available anywhere, in any medium." We quite agree - but do remember that they were written for a US audience and reflect a degree of their ingredients, processes, dialect and culture. Have a browse - but retain a little healthy scepticism.

The Brewery Technical Library contains a slightly dated set of papers, but still relevant.

There are also some interesting technical articles aimed more at commercial brewers on the Institute of Brewing and Distilling's website.


Mike Uchima's  beer glossary.

The (GB) National Guild of Wine and Beer Judges glossary. While it includes wine as well it does reflect UK tasting terminology.

The (US) BJCP's tasting vocabulary.

Member's Websites

The best guide we know to home brewing technique in the UK is that of 'Daab' at 18000 feet.

Laurence Stringer has a useful step-by-step guide to typical British home brewing practice on his website.

John RK Davis illustrates small scale brewing under "How I make Beer" on his.

Mick Harrison is building a 70 litre HERMS brewery and you can follow his progress on his website. HERMS - or Heat Exchanger Recirculating Mash System - is a system that allows you to control mash temperatures precisely, perform temperature stepped mashing with the bonus that the recirculation during mashing gives you a clearer wort as well. Systems like this are great fun for the technically minded, but aren't essential for producing high-quality beer. Phil Robins in Basingstoke also has an informative site describing his HERMS system.

Les Howarth  illustrates his progress over a quarter of a century of brewing.

Phil Wilcox (Beerbloke) has a formidable brewery illustrated on the Wibbler's Brewery website.

If you're a CBA member and would like a link to your website, let us know. We'd be dead chuffed if you'd link back to us as well. Links to members who brew commercially are under "Commercial Craft Brewing" on the home page.