Basic brewing courses are few and far between. In the south, Cheers do a mashing course in Sutton, Surrey. They run as and when demand requires - contact Richard if you're interested. By 2006, seventeen courses had been run and many brewers set on the road to great beer - three have even become microbrewers so far. George Gimber said:

"I attended the 'Cheers' Practical Mashing course on Sunday that was run by Richard Burns. I have to report that it was most enlightening and entertaining. For someone that felt restarting the hobby of full mash brewing in the restricted space of a Maisonette impractical the day was perhaps life changing:) I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of brewing beer."

In the North, Brian Reeves  does courses in Brighouse from time to time. They're advertised on eBay . Have a snoop round looking for 'home brew course' or the like.