Book Reviews

Most people will want to read a book in their native language. That's not nearly as simple as it might seem! The UK is in a state of flux between the imperial and metric systems of measurement. People under 50 will have been educated using metric units, older ones the Imperial system with pints and gallons, pounds and ounces. Most freely-available material on brewing at home is written in US 'English' and uses US units that have deceptively similar names to UK ones - but are different sizes! Nonetheless, well-written, comprehensive accurate and up-to-date books on home brewing, are hard to find and the only ones we know of are John Palmer's 'How to Brew' and Graham Wheeler's Brew Classic European Beers at Home. If you're at home with the Imperial system, the books of Dave Line may be of interest, but reflect the methods used over thirty year's ago before Line's untimely death. If you'd like to get a flavour of John Palmer's book, the rather smaller first edition is available on his How to Brew website.

Beer Inn Print supply an extensive range of specialised brewing and pub books, not to mention some gems on cider and whisky. You may well have met Paul Travis at a beer festival, but if not, have a look round his site. It's a real Aladdin's cave.