We send new members a contact list so that they can get together (you can opt out and will still receive the list). The list includes members' interests and experience. Here are some examples:

Started brewing in 1971 with kits, extract and then full mash. Had a break of 20 years and just started again in 2007. At the moment brewing five gallons until technique refined, but have acquired two stainless steel school meals containers of 20 and 30 gallons respectively, Also made is a 15-gallon mash tun out of a wooden hogshead. I have built a brewhouse/lean-to with temperature controlled cabinet. I am interested in all types of beer - at the moment trying to perfect a 'pedigree' using yeast salvaged frrom a local pub.

I have been an amateur full mash brewer since 1979. These days I brew about 4 gal at a time (to fit in Corney kegs) According to my records my most recent brew was my 168th.  I tend to try and replicate commercial brews, particularly ones that are no longer brewed.

Started mashing in 1994 after terrible results from kits and malt extract!  It took ten years to get it right.  Now I'm getting superb results which make trips to the pub a bit of a disappointment these days!  I've developed the brewing process a bit further since then to make it a bit easier and quicker.  I brew 23 litres at a time and generally 4 brews in a day - it takes about 12 hours.  I like to have a range of beers on tap from very pale to quite dark, just standard bitters, nothing out of the ordinary.  My favourite hop is Cascade which I find particularly fruity and especially pleasant in a dark beer with about 200g of chocolate malt and 50g black malt - 'Cascading Into Oblivion

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