GRAHAM WHEELER author of Homebrewing and co-author of Brew Your Own Real Ale at Home and Brew Classic European Beers at Home:

"The membership of the CBA will represent a vast pool of knowledge that we can all draw upon. Any keen brewer who does not join the Association will be allowing this collective wisdom to go to waste."

Dr KEITH THOMAS, Director of BREWLAB and technical advisor to CAMRA:

"Homebrewers have tremendous enthusiasm. It is essential that home brewers work together to improve their craft and increase their knowledge"

TIM O'ROURKE, Dipl Brew, F.I. Brew.,  Technical Editor of Brewers' Guardian and formerly Development Brewery Manager, Courage Ltd.:

"Many home brewers produce beers of excellent quality. The CBA will help to spread the skills and knowledge needed by all home brewers and encourage craftsmanship and good fellowship. I wish it every success."

CLIVE LA PENS√ČE, author of The Historical Companion to House-Brewing, You Should Brew Too! and The Craft of House-Brewing:

"Joining the CBA affords us all the chance to improve our brewing skill"

ROY EKINS, author and journalist on home brewing and winemaking:

"The CBA could be the biggest advance in homebrewing since Chancellor Reggie Maudling freed us in 1963"