Why indeed? We were sent this question by FHM Magazine:

"Why don't you see home brew kits any more? Is it just not worth it, because you can buy 100 bottles of Stella for a fiver from Sainsbury's? Is there anything worth brewing at home?"

and replied...

"There are things worth brewing at home. However if you want cold, tasteless fizz you'll struggle to beat Stella, Bud or Perrier from the supermarket. If you want to taste something you probably drink real ale. Many commercial bottled ales are pasteurised, taking the edge off the flavour - can you imagine a wine killed by pasteurisation? "Real ale in a bottle", like champagne, develops its flavours through secondary fermentation and approaches or exceeds cask ale quality - or I wouldn't brew! The home-brew equivalents are beer kits and full mash brewing. The better beer kits - Brupaks and Woodfordes are examples - will produce a palatable drink if you are scrupulously clean and don't put them in the airing cupboard! 18-20°C is plenty - be patient! All you need is a big saucepan, a bucket and a barrel. Mashing is like home cooking - if your diet consists of Pot Noodles it's not for you. The masher starts with crushed malt, soaks it to extract the sugars and then boils the 'wort' with hops ­ exactly the same as a microbrewery. The results should be as good or better. You can set yourself up to mash for as little as £200 and produce two ten-gallon batches in a day with practice.

These pages provide a bit more information.